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You've never played marbles like this before! Abalone is an exciting game that bolsters math and reasoning skills. Ages: 7 and up
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Players compete to push six of their opponent's marbles off the board. You may move in any of the six possible directions, moving one, two, or three of your marbles one space at a time. If your row of marbles outnumbers your opponents then you can eventually push them off the edge. With six directions of movement, each of the two players has many exciting opportunities to develop their own strategy - both offensively and defensively. Considered a classic in over 30 countries, this award-winning game can be learned in a minute and enjoyed for a lifetime. Winner of the Mensa Select and Game of the Decade (International Games Festival, Cannes). Foxmind, a company based in the Netherlands, has been distributing its high quality European toys in Canada since 2003. At first glance these games may seem simplistic in nature but you will quickly realize that in order to solve these challenges of increasing levels of difficulty you will need to use all of your deductive reasoning skills. Winners of many prestigious awards, Foxmind games make wonderful gifts to give and especially to receive.

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